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You can access our FTP server in one of two ways

A) Open up our FTP Client Area Section: http://ftp.gemini-print.co.uk

B) With an FTP client such as Fetch, Mass transit, Captain FTP, using this address

ftp.gemini-print.co.uk  (please note with an ftp client you do not need an ftp. or http:// prefix to address) Once you have arrived at the login page enter the username and password given to you by a member of the Gemini Print team or call 01273 464 884.

Once Logged In

1) Click the folder named Files to Gemini this will take you inside that folder where you can put your files.

2) So we can start work on your files asap please name your new folder with the job title and company name.

All Done!

Once you have uploaded your files, ensure that you log out, at that point it will trigger an email to all gemini co-ordinators to let them know the files have been uploaded.