BEST DESIGN FOR PRINT AWARD 2017-05-18T08:30:24+00:00

Jay Butler

‘Jam Tarts’

Daniel Searle

‘Knackered Lunch’

Joe Black

‘Meet Me At The Eldorado’

Thomas Wolfe

‘Thomas Wolfe presents Brighton Fringe Poets’

Noel Byrne

‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’

Lisa Wolfe


Alison Child

‘Fall of Duty’

John Bird


John Knowles & Kate Tym

‘Time Please’

Miro Kovenov

‘The Burning Gadulka’

Katy Matthews


Cally Beaton

‘Super Call Fragile Lipstick’

Faynia Williams & Richard Crane


Philip Hutchinson

‘Bethnal Green’

Paul Diello


Erin Hartnett

‘How to Walk Through Hell’

David Jordan & Ingrid Dahle

‘Hoo Haa’

Henry Bruce

‘Purple Playhouse Theatre’

Jon Gracey


Katie Wells & Brigette Wellbelove

‘Good People, Bad Day’

Joanna Bucknall

‘The Story of You & I’

Tom Glover

‘Wet Bread’

Callum Cameron

‘They Built It. No One Came by Fledging Theatre’

JoJo Bellini

‘Crash-Bang Cabaret’

Faith Dodkins

‘Out of Nowhere Design’

Nick Discombe

‘Nature Knows Best’

Alex Powell

‘Re: Production’

Maria Dragatkis

‘Blindfold The Night of the Hunt’

Claudio Gregori & Amy Sutton

‘Good Grief’

Paul Macauley

‘Bug Camp’

Daniel Scrivener & Jozede Scrivener


Shaun Dawson


Nathan Cassidy

Photo – Lol Johnson, Artwork – Joseph Champniss

‘The Man In The Arena’

Nathan Cassidy

Artwork – Poppy Hillstead

‘Watch This. Love Me. It’s Deep.’

Jane Postlewaite Comedian

Photography Richard Boll, Design/Illustrator Billy Mather

‘The House’

Amy Sutton

Rehearsal photographs provided by Jaffa Theatre


David Mclver

Designer – Sam Nicoresti

‘Stop It We Are Having Too Much Fun’

Bonnie Mitchell

Designer – Michael Cranston


Karen McLeod

Artwork Illustrator – Jane Dinmore, Photographer – Holly Revell, Graphic Designer – Simon Catt


Lou Rogers


Simon Moorhead

‘Protect and Survive’

Ditto Theatre Company – Sophie

‘Ingo’s War’

Courtney Wallis Richardson


Claire Montgomery

‘The Fairy Tale Fair’

Augustus Stephens, Photo – Nick Marsh

‘Frankenstein: Man or Monster’

Scratchworks Theatre Company

Designer – Anna Thairs, Photographer –  Matt Austin, Co-Artistic Director – Alice Higginson

Photography – Greg Bailey, Artwork Alfie Ordinary

‘Help! I think I might be FABULOUS’

Tom Veryzer

‘Twig the Pixie’s Family Funsplosion!’

LynchPin Productions Theatre Company
Flyer/Poster Design – Paul Branch, Assisted bu – Jack Lynch, Photographer – Kate Scott

‘You Give Me Fever’

Design – Nathan Jones, Production – Fiona Coffey

‘ A touch of Mrs Robinson’

Photography – Mark Dawson
Design – Jonathan Monkhouse

‘Happily Ever After’

Design – Conor Jatter
Photography Jacob Sacks-Jones

‘Planet Earth III’

Design – Rebecca Pitt Creative Ltd
Producer – Charlie Parker

‘What if the plane falls out of the sky?’

Katrina Quinn

‘Individual Medley’

Artistic Director – Becca Cox, Designer Alfie Boyd

‘The Greatest Liar in all the World’

Parry Riposte Productions’

‘The Elephant Girls’

Alistair – City Impro

‘City Impro by the Sea’

Jessica Sharville

Fem Ale

Heeweon Yi

‘Power Story’

Tessellate Theatre Company


Martyn Terry Sullivan  & Tom Hamilton


Martyn Terry Sullivan & Tom Hamilton

‘Between You And Me’

Jonathan Swain

‘The Life and Death of Puppet Richard’

Raw Bones Photography, Pete Foley

‘Terror Australis’

Photography – Dan Lam
Design – Lee Aspey & Dan Lam

‘CSI Brighton’

Lorna Milburn

‘Todd Sellotape’

Designer – Andrew Nolan
Show Participant – Janine Harouni’

Bad Master’

Graphic Design – Conor England,
Photography – Scott Chalmers


Graphic Design – Arjun Mahadevan

“The Poetry We Make”